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Fresh Flowers – Satisfaction Guaranteed

All fresh flowers are born someplace and they bring happiness at some other place.  In between they perform their journeys of their lifetime.

Flowers are not very cheap because they are usually not grown at places where they are admired.  Most of the time , they are imported into a country by wholesalers and immediately distributed through its retail networks.  Shipping fresh flowers is a time bound , every day business , requiring much planning , judgement , impeccable resource management.



Fresh Flowers business is a massive global industry.  Flowers are grown all over the world , although the major modern-day producers are the China  , Malaysia , Thailand , Singapore and other parts of Asia. Other up-and-coming flower-producing nations include South Africa , Ecuador and other parts of the world.  Commercial demands require growers to focus mainly on the best-sellers , with around a dozen species like roses , lilies and tulips dominating the world market.

The globalization of the industry has seen home flower production decline ; most of the flowers sold here today originate overseas.  We import fresh flowers mainly from neighboring Asian countries.



Flowers grown by farm owners are plucked at an appropriate time by specialist gardeners and horticulturists and immediately the stem is capped into small bottles containing a mixture of water and flower food.  They are then moved in properly ventilated card board boxes , duly packed in a way that each flower is able to breath properly and kept at cold places ( not ice cold ) so that the flowers do no dehydrate. Each box is properly marked for details of the flowers , destination, certification that the flowers are germ free and will not cause harm to local flora and fauna of the destination country , insured for all sorts of damage en route , before the courier company picks them up.  It is carefully observed that the transportation vehicle is air-conditioned (most of the time) and that the custom clearance time at airports is barest minimum.  Time is of essence when it comes to transporting or exporting fresh flowers.


Flower distribution methods vary according to where the crops originate and how they are to be sold.  Some nurseries operate independently , cutting and packing the flowers themselves before sending them direct to consumers via mail order. Others send their crops to packing companies for grading and arranging prior to onward sale (often to supermarkets). Florists usually buy pre-graded flowers from wholesalers before conditioning and arranging them for the consumer.

The transportation of flowers has a significant impact on the cost borne by the buyer.   The most popular method is dry-packing or flat-packing, which allows large quantities of crops to be packed in airline holds.  However, in the case of plants that cannot survive for long periods without water , it is necessary to employ more expensive methods involving water holders or buckets of water. Although these reduce labour time and can extend the life of the plants , the increased weight and surface area drives up transportation costs.



In our business , great care is taken to ensure that imported flowers reach our consumers in the best possible condition.  Speed is of the essence and, as such , it is common for exporters to cut and pack flowers on the way to the airport in order to save time. They will then be kept in refrigerated conditions and flown in air-conditioned aircraft.  Refrigerated lorries are used to transport the crops to our storage and packaging area.


Once the flowers reach our business location , we have all the necessary facilities and quality control to keep the flowers fresh.

All our fresh flowers , eg rose & orchid are handled with proper care and procedure.  Over the years we have had many happy and repeat customers. We Thank You for your business !

We are proud to offer you 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed